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Controls Integration

Knowledge. Teamwork. Collaboration.

Whether you’re equipping a complete production line or installing a single palletizer or depalletizer, you need to trust that the controls integration will keep your line running smoothly and at peak performance. At Automation Solutions, we understand every step of your material handling process—how all inputs and outputs work together—to integrate your line efficiently, reducing unnecessary downtime.

Production Line Know-How

Our deep understanding of the materials handling industry means that during installation, we can integrate our controls with other equipment to create a cohesive production line. That line can include everything from conveyors to fillers, cappers and labelers—our team handles it all. Thanks to our team’s knowledge of all types of material handling equipment, we are able to troubleshoot any integration issues that may arise to keep the process running smoothly.

By choosing Automation Solutions for your complete controls integration, you eliminate the need to manage multiple vendors—or an integrator who does not have system design experience—to install your line.

Control Integration Services from Arrowhead Systems

Efficiency Begins With Our Controls

When designing our control systems, we work to continuously improve the HMI (human machine interface) to make it simple and intuitive. Our goal is that our controls help your employees keep the machines running at maximum performance and easily identify and troubleshoot issues that may arise.

Our experienced electrical and mechanical engineers use the latest technology to build our controls, which are tested before your system leaves the plant floor. This ensures optimum results for your production line.

Our Controls Integration Capabilities

Our controls integration projects follow our process—we start with designing a solution that fits our customers’ needs. Our engineering expertise spans a wide range of capabilities:

  • We integrate complete lines
  • We integrate specific pieces of equipment
  • We convert equipment to add new technologies
  • We engineer or update equipment to handle profile changes, such as size and shape
  • We upgrade equipment to handle faster speeds

Engineering Services

With A&B Engineering, you get 24/7 support, call 844-686-5589 for project management, training, installation, relocation and more.

Why choose Automation Solutions?

You can’t afford to lose valuable production time when integrating a new production line or individual pieces of equipment. With Automation Solutions, you’ll be assured our controls integration delivers the most optimized system for consistent product flow. Let our knowledge of controls and material handling work for you.

Contact us for controls integration or call 844-686-5589.

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