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Systems Layout & Design

Knowledge. Teamwork. Collaboration.

When it comes to developing a custom solution for your specific material handling needs, wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of experts at your side? That’s what you get with Automation Solutions. Whenever you ask for a quote or for assistance on a custom material handling design, you get a team of engineering, project management and sales experts who have extensive industry experience. They will work step by step with you from developing the custom solution to implementing the final system.

Customer Service At The Start

You know you need a new piece of equipment, or perhaps an entire material handling system. But, you’re not sure how to lay out the line or fit it into your facility. That’s where our capabilities shine. When you ask for a quote, our specialized design team goes into action. Collaborating with you and our sales team, these designers review what you have now and what you want to do. They’ll help you determine how to add another line or add another piece of equipment.

That’s why we call them our SWAT team—they have the tactical knowledge and tools to do the problem solving for you.

We Start With Data

When you ask us, “How can you help me?” we answer with questions of our own. We begin every custom material handling project by wanting to know your goals for the project, what your space looks like, how often the equipment will run, your line rate requirements, your staffing needs, your typical maintenance schedule and much more.
We’ll even discuss requirements you may not have thought about—the amount of power you’ll need and floor pads to support the equipment.

Our goal is to ensure you feel confident in getting a reliable solution that fits your needs.

How Automation Solutions Is Different

We know material handling from start to finish, even if your line includes equipment we don’t build. No project scope is too small or too large. We listen to understand and develop a solution in collaboration with you.

System Capabilities from Arrowhead Systems

Access To A Full Line Of Services

Our niche is being able to service you from start to finish. We manufacture material handling equipment, and we can design the control system for the entire line, including the pieces we don’t make. Because this is where we excel, we reduce your workload of having to manage several vendors.

Throughout the project and long after, you’ll have access to our full range of engineering services:

  • Installation: Our full-service installation team handles mechanical and electrical installation, controls integration, testing, startup and more.
  • Controls integration: We make sure all equipment within your entire line is integrated to run efficiently and smoothly—from depalletizers to conveyors to palletizers and everything in between.
  • Training: Our certified trainers ensure your personnel understand each piece of our equipment—how to run it, troubleshoot it and maintain it.
  • Maintenance: We will help maintain single pieces of equipment or your entire line to ensure peak performance.
  • Parts: We stock or can manufacture parts to help reduce downtime. We also may be able to source competitor parts at a more affordable cost.
System Training Solutions from Arrowhead Systems

Call Us For A Full-Service Solution

Automation Solutions is more than an OEM that supplies equipment. Our approach to custom solutions, along with our material handling expertise, can help you increase line speeds and efficiency while reducing downtime. And best of all, our data-gathering and analysis is part of our quoting process—we don’t charge up front to bring you a strategy for the best solution.

From The Beginning To The End Of Your Line, We’ve Got The Right Solution.

At Automation Solutions, we sweat the small things. From specs to deadlines, our rigorous attention to detail keeps you running on time!

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