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Pallet Handling

Automation Solutions customizes pallet handling systems to fit your exact needs. Whether you’re adding to a current system or integrating a whole new line, our team will help you find or design solutions to fit your needs. From installation to training and maintenance, you can feel confident that we’ll meet your pallet handling challenges.

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Pallet Magazine / Dispenser

PalMag™ - Pallet Stacker/Dispenser

  • Adjustability: Universally applicable for both palletizers and depalletizers
  • Pallet Sizes: Unique design accommodates broad range of sizes and styles
  • Save Time: Change over without a lot of mechanical devices
  • Features: Fully adjustable pneumatic grip motions

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Chain Driven Live Roller Pallet Conveyor

CDLR Conveyor

  • Technology: Maximum throughput with minimum maintenance
  • Product Size: Accommodates a variety of pallet and load sizes, shapes and materials
  • Capacity: Handles up to 2,000 lbs. and 4,000 lbs.
  • Accessible: Access both sides of the conveyor for pallet loading and unloading
  • Easy Installation: Install with ease. We assemble and test conveyor sections prior to shipping

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Drag Chain Pallet Conveyor

  • Speed: 35 FPM standard (+/- 5 FPM)
  • Loads: Take on demands of heavy pallet loads with capacities of 2000 lb or 4000 lb
  • End Product: Accommodate a variety of pallet and load sizes, shapes and materials.
  • Easy Installation: Easy installation and start-up, conveyors are assembled and tested prior to shipping

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Bulk Receiving System (BRS)

  • Save Costs: Eliminate fork trucks and labor costs
  • Customizable: Based on amount of storage required and incoming / outgoing loads
  • Maximum Load: Can hold up to 21 pallets
  • Features: Independent staging zone for each pallet

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