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Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car or house, spending money on maintaining your material handling equipment today can save you huge repair costs—and headaches—in the future. A&B Engineering Services offers conveyor maintenance services, as well as depalletizer and palletizer maintenance, to keep your system running at peak performance. We maintain individual pieces of equipment or entire systems.

Reduce Downtime

Our goal is to make sure you are not caught off guard by a machine suddenly in need of repair. Regular maintenance reduces unscheduled downtime that not only costs money but can harm your customer relationships if products don’t ship on time.

In addition to performing maintenance on our own conveyors, palletizers and depalletizers, we also can maintain all brands of material handling equipment. With detailed drawings of this equipment, our engineers have the expertise to uncover potential issues.

Maintenance Audits

Our equipment maintenance services begin with an audit of your machines. The audit involves a thorough inspection of each of your machines to determine:

  • If worn parts need to be replaced
  • If parts or technology needs to be upgraded
  • If any safety enhancements should be made

Once our audit is complete, we’ll provide you a comprehensive report along with a list of parts that need to be replaced. This will help you plan your maintenance budget. Once you decide to conduct maintenance, we’ll order or manufacture parts and schedule our next visit for necessary upgrades.

Maintenance Contracts

We encourage our customers to invest in A&B maintenance contracts to ensure your line continues to run smoothly. Regular maintenance is especially important after machine warranties expire.

Our contracts cover two options:

  • Hours for online support and remote diagnostics
  • Maintenance visits for a specified number of days over a specified number of years based on your preference

Ask us about flat fee package pricing for audits and maintenance.

Maintenance Services from Arrowhead Systems

Engineering Services

With A&B Engineering, you get 24/7 support, call 844-686-5589 for project management, training, installation, relocation and more.

Be Proactive, Rather Than Reactive

Whether you need us immediately or want to contract for conveyor maintenance or depalletizer and palletizer maintenance, you can trust our in-depth knowledge of the material handling industry to keep your line running. Schedule timed maintenance audits to reveal potential problems before they become a costly reality. Contact us or call 844-686-5589.

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