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Turbo Sorter System

Our Turbo Sorter System is an all-in-one sorter, depalletizer and resort palletizer. Divert containers into two or four lanes for easy inspection using this manual sorter depalletizer. Adjustable inspection lanes cane tilt, allowing containers to roll past the operator to ensure quality verification.

  • Speed: 3 layers per minute
  • Features: Two-lane option with mass bypass feature
  • Max Unit Load Capacity: Up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Pallet Change Cycle: 30 seconds
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Machine Specifications

End Product Details








Standard Equipment Specifications
Control Voltage

24 VDC

Electrial Power


Compressed Air Volume, CFM (Liters/min)

2.07 SCFM @ 80psi (58.6 @ 5.5 bar)

Machine Speed (SPM)


Compresses Air Inlet

3/4" NPT

Maximum Load Height, Inches (mm)

110 (2800)

Maximum Load Weight, Pounds (kg)

Up to 1000 Lbs.

Standard Pallet Size Inches (mm)

56.0 x 44.0 (1420 x 1120)

Standard Pallet Conveyor TOC, Inches (mm)

13 (330)


1 Year Warranty


Alternate Tin Line and Top of Chain configurations
Electrical Power: 575V, 400V, 380V
Quick Adjustable Fences & Squares
Hoist Block-up Latch Kit
Four (4) Sorting Lanes

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