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High Level Bulk Palletizer


The BusseWorldFlex™ High Level Bulk Palletizer features international components and is CE certified, allowing seamless integration with production lines across the globe. Perform smooth layer transfers with the servo-controlled sweep and attain void-free patterning with our exclusive Pattern-Rite® laning system.

  • Speed: Up to 10 layers per minute
  • Adaptability: Easily adapts to industry’s range of pallet sizes and dunnage types
  • Pallet change cycle: 30 seconds
  • Customizable: Control packages and components to meet specific requirements
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Machine Specifications

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Standard Equipment Specifications
Control Voltage

24 VDC

Electrial Power

230 - 575V / 50/60Hz

Compressed Air Volume, CFM (Liters/min)

15 (7)

Compressed Air Pressure, PSI (KPa)

80 (550)

Machine Speed (SPM)

Up to 10

Compresses Air Inlet

3/4" NPT

Maximum Load Height, Inches (mm)

118 (3000)

Maximum Load Weight, Pounds (kg)

Up to 2,500 Lbs.

Standard Pallet Size Inches (mm)

USA Pallet: 44 x 56 (1118 x 1422)
German Pallet: (1180 x 1250)
Swedish Pallet: (1200 x 1350)
Spanish Pallet: (1120 x 1420)
UK Pallet: (1120 x 1300)
European Pallet: (1118 x 1422)
SE Asia Pallet: (1000 x 1200)

Standard Pallet Conveyor TOC, Inches (mm)

20 (500)


1 Year Warranty


Alternate Tin Line and Top of Chain configurations

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