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Robotic Case Palletizer
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Robotic Case Palletizer

When standard products just don’t fit your requirements, Automation Solutions will design a custom palletizing system to meet your needs. Typically, Automation Solutions will design a custom robotic system when three or more products need to be palletized at once, a large variety of product sizes or types need to be palletized or even multiple pallet sizes are needed.

Automation Solutions has a tremendous amount of experience designing palletizing systems, meaning you can count on our knowledge and innovation to design a solution that’s right for your facility.

  • Customizable: Machine can easily adapt to your changing needs
  • Infeed: 24V Motor Drive Roller Conveyors
  • Smart Control System:¬†Energy and air consumption monitoring

Engineering Services

With A&B Engineering, you get 24/7 support, call 844-686-5589 for project management, training, installation, relocation and more.

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Machine Specifications

End Product Details

1 Year Warranty

Engineered Solutions

Cutting Edge Technology

With A&B Engineering, you get 24/7 support.

New equipment not in the budget? A&B’s Engineering Services engineered solutions will extend the product life span of older, legacy equipment by modernizing your machines and increasing productivity.

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