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Pallet Magazine / Dispenser

PalMag™ - Pallet Stacker/Dispenser

Increase productivity with PalMag™. The unique design accommodates a broad range of pallet sizes and styles. Utilize the system as a pallet dispenser for palletizing operations or as an empty pallet stacker for depalletizing applications. Choose to integrate the PalMag™ into an existing system or independent utilizing the PalMag™ independent control panel.

  • Adjustability: Universally applicable for both palletizers and depalletizers
  • Pallet Sizes: Unique design accommodates broad range of sizes and styles
  • Save Time: Change over without a lot of mechanical devices
  • Features: Fully adjustable pneumatic grip motions
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Machine Specifications

End Product Details


Standard Equipment Specifications
Control Voltage

24 VDC

Electrial Power


Compressed Air Volume, CFM (Liters/min)

0.5 SCFM

Compressed Air Pressure, PSI (KPa)


Maximum Load Height, Inches (mm)

58 (1473.2)

Maximum Load Weight, Pounds (kg)

Up to 780 Lbs.

Standard Pallet Size Inches (mm)

44” x 56” (1120mm x 1420mm)

Optional Pallet Width Range, Inches (mm)

40 (1000)

Optional Pallet Length Range, Inches (mm)

48 (1200)

Standard Pallet Conveyor TOC, Inches (mm)

12 (304)


1 Year Warranty


44” x 56” (1120mm x 1420mm)

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