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High Level Bulk Depalletizer

Alpha Turbo™

The Alpha Turbo™ High Level Bulk Depalletizer from Busse/SJI is the world’s most advanced Depalletizer offering a simple-to-use operator interface, as well as equipment and production data monitoring. With built in machine health monitoring, the Alpha Turbo™ gives users a way to monitor, in real-time, critical motion and pneumatic system parameters including airflow, pressure, vacuum, mechanical actuation speeds, and motor vibration.


  • Speed: Process up to 10 layers per minute (depending on product)
  • Simplicity: Simple design with few parts and maintenance friendly access
  • Automation: Self diagnostics, energy monitoring, performance metrics and predictive maintenance
  • Customizable : Optional packages layout/configurations available
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Machine Specifications

End Product Details

Bottles, Cans


Non-Round, Round




Aluminum, Composite Product, Glass, Plastic, Steel

Standard Equipment Specifications
Control Voltage

24 VDC

Electrial Power


Compressed Air Volume, CFM (Liters/min)

8.4 SCFM @ 80psi (237.9 Liters/min @ 5.5 bar)

Machine Speed (SPM)

10 (pending container profile)

Maximum Load Height, Inches (mm)

110 (2790)

Maximum Load Weight, Pounds (kg)

Up to 4,000 Lbs.

Standard Pallet Size Inches (mm)

44 x 56 (1120 x 1420)

Optional Pallet Width Range, Inches (mm)

40 (1000)

Optional Pallet Length Range, Inches (mm)

48 (1200)

Minimum Pallet Conveyor TOC, Inches (mm)

12 (304)

Standard Tin Line (TL), Ft (mm)

13 (3960)


1 Year Warranty


Alternate Tin Line and Top of Chain configurations
Electrical Power: 575V, 400V
Main Hoist Drawer: For capture of fallen containers
Quick Mechanical Adjustments
Second layer stabilization
Hoist block up kit
Flavor Change for efficient product changeover
Double Sheet Detection
Dunnage Options: Combined, separated or collated
Vacuum bar or row stripper discharge for non-round containers
Operator platform
Bed Covers

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